List Of Plots

The Jealous Bride (8 – 30 Guests)

This plot is specifically for hen nights and has all female characters.  It is personalised around the bride and groom, albeit the groom is not there!!  You are all famous celebrities on a hen cruise and setting sail to have a wonderful time.  Is everybody who they seem? Does anybody bear a grudge.  With so many famous people who have all brought their egos with them, what can possibly go wrong??


The Curse of Solomons Ring (7 – 35 Guests)

The year is 1923.  The King and Queen of England, King George and Queen Mary, are hosting a dinner party for their esteemed subjects.  The have invited and after dinner speaker, Profess or Howard Carter.  He will be reciting stories about his expeditions in Egypt, one which includes a story a ring he discovered in one of the tombs. A ring which, supposedly, has a curse associated with it.  He may even show you the ring on the night.  Do you believe in curses and all this hocum pocum.  Will you be brave enough to touch the ring????


The Ackroyd Challenge (8 – 30 Guests)

It’s 1907 and Jos Ackroyd, the owner of the Ackroyd Worsted Woolen Mill, has decided to retire.  Rather than just hand over the mill to one of his children he has decided to set them a challenge to see who is worthy of running the mill.  The winner  of the challenge is to be announced on the night.  The Mill is worth a lot of money and there are others who have an interest in getting their hands on the mill.  That may include you!!!


Going Going Gone (12 – 150 Guests)

It’s modern day and Lady Estelle Diamondé, a very well to do lady,  has fallen upon hard times.  She is having to auction her family heirlooms and jewels.  You are attending  that auction and may well be bidding for the lots!!  The highlight of the auction is the 4 million pound Diamondé Necklace.  The necklace is worth a lot of money and some people will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the necklace.  Maybe even Murder!!


Starry Nights (12 – 150 Guests)

It’s modern day and you are attending the launch of the blockbuster movie – Starry Nights.  Johnny Rich, the producer of the film, will be there to conduct proceedings. The leading actor and leading actress are due to be announced on the night.  There are actors who would die for a role in the film.  And there are plenty would be happy to kill them.  Watch the egos crumble as you witness deception, lies and murder!!


Fernando Meets His Waterloo (8 – 40 Guests)

The action takes place in the 1970’s.  Flares were in, round collars were in, maxi skirts were in, in fact anything was in at that time that was bright and colourful. This is our story of how Abba started in the music business. Expect surprises as you don’t get to the top without being ruthless.  And the question you are all asking.  Who is Fernando and how does he meet his Waterloo ………. well …… you’ll have to wait and see!!!!