Larger Groups (12-150)

A Murder Mystery Evening Packed Full Of Fun And Laughter

Where You Can Be Involved Or  Watch And Spot The Clues ….


What Does It Involve?

From the moment your guests arrive, they are immersed in the murder mystery plot. The five actors mingle with the diners during pre-dinner drinks and odd events start to happen. An argument could develop, a fight may break out and, who knows, a murder may occur.  It may even be you!!!!

How Can This Be?

Well, prior to the evening we ask you to suggest 10-12  guests who would like to be involved in the plot. This is all a bit of fun and only lasts a few minutes, we are not looking for the next Laurence Olivier!!!  If they agree (and they always do!!), they are sworn to secrecy and a Confidential Information File is sent to them detailing their involvement in the proceedings. The privileged guests then carry out their roles alongside the professional actors. Apart from these 10-12 people we try to involve other guests by mentioning their names in the script or printing it in the customised clues on the tables or clues board.

When Do We Eat?

Pre-dinner drinks usually end with a good old fashioned crime or murder and guests are asked to take their seats for dinner. The Inspector reveals himself and the first part of the investigation takes place after the starters. We never do anything whilst you are eating, which gives you chance to have a chat amongst friends and colleagues.  After starters the Inspector will commence the investigation.  Who knows, more deaths may occur along with the odd surprise or two.  There is then another break whilst the main course is eaten and this is followed by the second half of the investigation.

How Do We Solve The Case?

The guests are asked to solve the murder mystery in teams, usually tables, over desserts. They do this by following the plot and looking at clues which have been placed on their tables and the clues board. They have to work out who the murderer is and present their solutions. The final scene is then acted out and the murderer revealed. Is it an actor or is it one of the guests – you’ll have to wait and see!! The prize is awarded to the winning table and the evening ends.

How Much Does It All Cost?

The evening can be run with a minimum of 12 people up to approximately 120. A Murder Mystery Evening is four hours of fun and laughter from £1,250 +   VAT, depending on location. Alternatively, we are happy to charge on a per head basis if you are selling tickets. If you would like us to arrange venues and catering we are more than happy to look after the whole event for you. Whatever it is you want, Murder Mystery Meals  are happy to provide a service for you.

Please feel free to email us for more details or call on 08454 900500 or 01440 900500 to have a chat about your event.